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ZDMAK Specials

With gas prices causing despair at the pump and the economy still shaky, there's rarely been a time as ripe as now for saving some money on auto repair. ZDMAK special tools meet professional mechanics' quality standard, yet are priced at pedestrian levels. ZDMAK specials prepare weekend gear heads, hobbyists and those simply looking to save money by working in their garage rather than driving to the body shop, by providing dependable hardware for even the trickiest jobs. ZDMAK special tools offer everything from piston reset tools to new wrench sets, aiming to outfit all varieties of laborers for all varieties of projects.

The ZDMAK special tools page offers four products immediately that demonstrate the quality and value that makes ZDMAK specials, well, special. Leading off is the best-selling, XZN Metric Socket 8-Piece Set. These triple square, or 12 point, sockets are some of the strongest drivers that can be found. Coming in a plastic carrying case, these handy and sturdy sockets are often called for in jobs on the drive train components in European and Asian models and on any high-torque application, such as cylinder head bolts. The second product greeting visitors to the ZDMAK site is the Stubby Hex Socket Set. This set boasts the strongest drivers around, and are perfect tools for jobs that require maneuvering in small areas. For anyone attempting auto repair on BMW's, Audi's and Porsche's, these tools are must-haves! Third on the ZDMAK specials list, is the 9 Piece Security Torx Plus Socket Set. This set is a rare find, especially at the ZDMAK price, and are tamper-proof. The pieces are best utilized in situations where great torque is needed, but wear needs to be at a minimum. The final product of the four is MacPherson's Strut Coil Spring Compressor includes 3 pairs of jaws for compressing various types of Mac type front and rear springs. These are must-have tools when working on many models of BMW's and Mercedes.

At ZDMAK, the customer is the main concern. Whether customers are new hobbyists or old pros, the goal is to supply them with the specialized tools they need at the lowest price possible. ZDMAK takes auto repair seriously, and knows their customers do too. That is why they offer high quality and durable products that are guaranteed to survive many projects and uses. ZDMAK also offers professional tech support and expert, human assistance for any questions, concerns or issues involving any of their products. There's no better time than now to check out ZDMAK - the next project awaits!

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